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Well let us start with what we do not do. We do not pigeon hole our customers limiting ourselves to a carefully choreographed price list, designed to meet the needs of some of the people, most of the time. No, each and every one of our hires are treated individually. Yes we have a standard service, which includes what many other operators would charge for as extras. But, we provide you with choice, we will give you some ideas, but in the final analysis it is up to you. if you want something a bit different, then let us know and you can be sure we will do our utmost to deliver on your request.

Every enquiry received via the internet is priced individually, taking account of what you have told us you want for your hire, we then price the hire and confirm it in writing via email, so that you have a permanent record of what has been agreed. We number every quotation, so if you want to call us to discuss you quote, revise the detail or book, we can retrieve the information in seconds. Because we believe it is important that both parties know what is expected of the other, we provide a booking form for every hire. We invite anyone receiving the booking form to read and accept our terms and conditions of hire and we even provide an opportunity to cancel the hire, subject to a few commonsense conditions, if you do not agree with the terms.

As an experienced full-time operator of chauffeur cars and limousines, we offer the complete service package, whether you are looking to take a group of people to Royal Ascot with all the trimmings, to collect a VIP from the airport, to take a group of children to or from their school ball or you are looking to hire a chauffeur driven cars for week, you can be assured that Cars for Stars are qualified and able to offer the very best service.

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