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Cars for Stars Limited started trading as a local limousine operator in 2003 using the internet as the primary method of advertising. Within a few months it was clear that demand was outstripping our ability to deliver and we needed to review our business plan!

We considered opening new branches in key locations, but were concerned that our service would suffer as a consequence, in addition we were not convinced that there would be the same level of commitment. We also considered sub-contracting work, but it was fairly clear to us, that we would have no control over reliability nor the quality of the vehicles. In short, we needed as uniform service, a committed team and a formalised programme of service delivery. In 2004 we opened our first limousine hire franchise in Manchester.

As our business has grown through franchising, we have expanded our limousine hire businesses to include chauffeur driven cars. Today, some 90% of all our franchisees offer chauffeur driven cars as well as limousine hire. Our reputation and footprint have developed to an extent that we are now one of the largest limousine operators in the UK and with more offices than any other similar company.

As a consequence of our commitment to service, reliability, spread and our extensive range of vehicles, we are increasingly being sought out by large companies to deliver large scale solutions. recently we entered into an agreement to provide a blue chip company with over 90 separate hires if stretched limousines over a period of 11 months. 

So, whether you are looking for a chauffeur driven car or an American stretched limousine for your trip to Ascot, wedding, to collect the Chairman from the airport or for a school prom, you will always receive the same, high level of service. We genuinely believe that if a job is worth doing, it really is worth doing well and you are most welcome to put us to the test.

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